Help – General

A summary of all help topics is shown below.

Browsing by school

  • Choose a school from the alphabetical list
  • Select which stage from which you wish to get a reading list
  • All available modules will be displayed based on your selections
  • Choose from the listed modules to display the reading list

Browsing by module

  • Choose a module from the alphabetical list
  • Filter by letter of the alphabet using the links across the top
  • Choose from the listed modules to display the reading list

Reading list search

You can search Reading Lists Online using the following search categories:

  • Module code
  • Module name

The recommended search is by module code.

  • Select module code (default)
  • Type in module code in Search Term box
  • Click on Submit query
  • Click on Module name
  • This brings you to the online reading list.

Online reading list

This topic provides help with understanding and using an actual reading list for a module.

  • Click on the blue arrow to view the full record in the Library Catalogue.
  • N.B. items not held by the Library will not have a blue arrow. The Library attempts to have a copy of all items that appear on reading lists. If a book is out of print this is not always possible.

For books:

  • Click on All copies (Location details) to get holdings and availability on Full view record.
  • If you wish to request an item, you must log into the catalogue from its full view record. Once logged in go to 'Keyword Search' then select 'Previous Searches'. In the previous search list select the search for the relevant title (the item you want to hold should be the most recent search). Click on 'View' and you can then request the item as normal.

For journals:

  • Having memorised volume number/year, check holdings.
  • Print journals:
    • Click on All copies (Location details) to get shelfmark on Full view record.
  • Electronic journals:
    • Click on Find it button and complete pop-up box – you will need at least the volume number and year details
    • Remember if accessing electronic journals off-campus you may require a login.

For websites:

  • Clicking on the blue arrow will take you directly to the web page.
  • To return to the list to check further items, click on Back button of your Web browser (top left of screen).

Administering RLO

Help information for administrative staff can be found in the Staff User guide which can be downloaded via this link.

Please note that the link above will only work on-campus.